A Touch of France

I found this Laboratoires BioRecept Mousse de Peau purifying cleansing foam a few years ago from one of my favorite beauty stores, Ayla Beauty in San Francisco.  They are great at recommending nontoxic skin care products sourced from all over the world!


This cleanser comes from a French company based in Paris called Laboratoires BioRecept. It was created by Anne Dupuoy-Camet, a French pharmacist who performed research on the skin of smokers. After realizing what a large impact lifestyle has on skin, she developed her own company,
Laboratoires BioRecept.

BioRecept researches three main fields: biotechnology, naturology, and mineralogy. Their aim is to produce skin care products that benefit people, skin, and the environment (all of their packaging is made from recyclable materials). Their products are made with plant extracts, many of which are organic and ecological, and minerals, which act largely as wrinkle removers. In addition, they use hyaluronic acid, a super hydrator, in many of their creations. Chemicals, like parabens, are never used in their products.

The Mousse de Peau is an excellent hydrating foaming cleanser. It is enriched with siximg_2096 purifying and antiseptic plant extracts to cleanse skin and regulate oil production. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin, while epilobium fleischeri extract (from the rare Alpine plant, willowherb) helps with pore appearance and excess oil production. The mousse has a very light, clean scent. It comes out like a light foam, but becomes thick and creamy when applied to skin. It is great at removing your makeup. I have dry skin and I find that it makes my skin feel hydrated and balanced.

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