Love your Skin

It is not a secret that I am a fan of Osmia Organics.  I have met the founder, Dr Sarah Villafranco and listened to her speak about her company and her vision.  Her passion is infectious.  You should follow her on instagram.  She will inspire you to be a better athlete, activist, mother, all around better person.  I am not kidding.  She is the real deal.

I discovered Osmia Organics this summer at a “Girls Night Out” event at my local green beauty store, Citrine Beauty.  My first introduction was the Black Clay Facial Soap and the Nectar Vital Rose Drops.  I became a believer.

I have seen photos of the body mousse and was dying to try it.  Citrine was out of it at the time and it is too hot in Arizona to have most skin care products shipped from May to October, so I was anxiously waiting for cooler temps so I could try it.

img_2699Cyber Monday arrived and I went a little crazy.  The temperatures have finally dropped here in the desert and once again, I get to see my UPS man on a regular basis.

I had waited for so long to try it, that I had a hard time deciding which scent to go with.  I didn’t want to get it wrong.  To be honest, none of the scents called to me.  Why isn’t there a rose mousse?  Doesn’t that sound good?

Of course, I opted for all three scents because I couldn’t decide.  I convinced myself I would give one or two away as Christmas gifts.


The first one I opened was the rosemary.  I had an experience all planned out.  Remember, I have waited for this since June!  I took a bath with my Osmia Organic Milk Bath.  I toweled off and scrubbed my body with the Himalayan Body Buff (absolute favorite body scrub).  I rinsed off the scrub and then applied the Rosemary Body Mousse.  Pure Bliss!

The body mousse is exactly how I imagined it.  It is thick, yet feels fluffy. The scent is not over powering and lingers lightly on your skin.  The mousse just melts into your skin.  At first, I was afraid it might be too oily, but my skin soaked it up really quickly. By the time I was finished, I didn’t have any oily residue on my skin.  It just felt really soft.

The body mousse is made up of organic Shea Butter, babassu oil, jojoba oil and essential oils.  They are then whipped to perfection until they are light and fluffy.

I must admit that I have opened the Lavender and the Sandalwood as well and I will not be giving them away as gifts.  They are my gifts to myself.  The lavender is that true, fresh picked lavender scent.  The sandalwood is just a clean scent.  It is not masculine as I feared it would be, although I have let my husband use it.

This is absolutely the most luxurious body cream I have ever used.  The texture is divine!  It is a product I will definitely have to keep on hand all year round.  I have declared body mousse is the new body butter!

To quote the good doctor…return to your senses!

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