French Spa Experience at Home

Patyka Biokaliftin

Last night I was washing my face and thinking about a million different things.  I kept rubbing my cleanser…thinking, stressing…when suddenly I realized, wow…this cleanser is so creamy!  The more I rubbed, the creamier it became.  It felt so good on my face that I forgot about everything else.  How great is that?

I was using the Patyka Remarkable Cleansing Oil mixed with the Delicate Cleansing Foam. They both have a very light, fruity scent.  I find that scents are very personal. Something that smells lovely to me may not to someone else.  I have a very sensitive nose and smells are very important to me.  I literally have to hold my nose when I walk by a Bath and Body Works Store.  I find their scents way too strong and frankly quite offensive to my olfactory system.  I prefer a light and fresh, natural scent.

Back to the amazing cleanser…The combination creates this very luxurious foaming cleanser that removes all of your makeup and leaves your skin feeling nourished.  I had a dermaplane yesterday and my skin was a little angry.  After cleansing with the Patyka, it looked and felt calmer.

I am about half way through both bottles.  Sometimes I use the oil by itself to remove makeup, but most of the time I use them together while I am in the bath.  They remove all traces of makeup and leave your skin feeling like you just had a facial.  The more you rub, the creamier they get.


Patyka is a French company that is the first luxury skin care line that is also certified screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-4-54-35-pmorganic.  Patyka means “apothecary” in Hungarian.

Biokaliftin is their symbol for the science behind the luxury line.  The geometrical image represents the expertise, efficacy, and nature along with the integration of all three elements into one whole.  Patyka uses advanced research in biotechnology to make sure all of their products are effective.  Each product is certified organic and produced ethically.

Patyka uses highly concentrated ingredients, floral waters, essential oils and natural hyaluronic acid to help create an immediate lifting sensation of the skin.

The cleansing oil is made with Apricot Kernel Oil extract and Hazelnut Oil which deeply clean the skin, loosen blackheads and then reseal pores.  Sesame Oil helps regenerate the skin and creates a moisture seal.  Rose Hip Oil helps stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production because it is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and Retinol.  Prickly Pear Oil is known for its high concentration of Vitamin E and Phystosterols which are anti aging.

The Cleansing Foam has Mallow Extract to soothe and calm the skin and Raspberry Water to tone and balance.  Neroli Water hydrates and balances the skin and also helps stimulate cell regeneration and improve elasticity. The foam also has a complex of 5 fruit acids that exfoliate the skin and help stimulate cellular regeneration and microcirculation on the skin surface. It improves the look of dull skin and leaves the skin feeling balanced and smooth.

The French got this right.  Treat your skin to a spa experience at home!

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