Brow Raising

EcoBrow Defining Wax


As I have gotten older, I have noticed that my eyebrows are becoming more sparse.   If only we were all blessed with Brooke Shields or Cara Delevingne eyebrows.  Another one of the evils of aging that we are supposed to accept gracefully.

I guess I am not very graceful!

A strong brow frames your face.  They can actually give your eyes a lift and make your eyes pop.  I need some of that please!

I use my Plume Lash and Brow Serum daily and I have become quite attached to my EcoBrow.  I have tried many eyebrow pencils, powders and gels with the mascara wands…I keep coming back to the EcoBrow.

EcoBrow is a mineral based brow line with a creme to powder finish.  It is a fool-proof way to fill in your lashes and make them more defined.  I have pale lashes and the ends get pretty blonde, especially when I have been in the sun.  The EcoBrow lasts all day and is smudge proof.  I also own the EcoBrow Defining brush which makes application a breeze.  The wax glides on easily and blends into your brows for a very natural  and polished look.

I use the Marilyn shade, because we all need a little “Marilyn” moment in our day!  I can make it as light as I want, or layer it for a darker look.  The pots are small, but they will last you forever!

This is a staple in my makeup collection and my brows have never looked better!

2 thoughts on “Brow Raising

  1. Hey Rach, just wondering if you would recommend the Marilyn shade for blondes as well? I normally darken my lashes (blue black) and brows (brown) monthly if not they simply disappear. They are both completely blonde year round…


    1. Yes, Marilyn is their lightest shade and it is recommended for platinum blondes, golden blondes and strawberry blondes (me). The color is pretty buildable, so you can go as dark or light as you like. Hope this helps!


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