The Oil of Youth

UMA Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil


I started using body oil when I was a teenager.  I used Neutrogena® Sesame Body Oil for so long that it became my “signature scent”.  My skin is always dry, so I don’t feel my shower is complete without applying some type of body oil.

Applying body oil to damp skin allows it to absorb better and last longer.  You will notice your skin is smoother and the faint scent of the oil will linger longer.  See, even as a teenager, I knew things! 😉

When I started cleaning up my skin care products, the Neutrogena® was one of the first products that had to go.  Along with that fresh, clean “fragrance” is PEG, BHT, and parabens.  All harmful chemicals that I did not want absorbing into my skin.  If you haven’t checked out the Toxic List, you can do so here.

I recently purchased the UMA Anti Aging Body Oil.  Who doesn’t want a body oil that is against aging?

This oil contains sandalwood, rose, grapefruit and neroli essential oils in a base of pomegranate, moringa, grapeseed and jojoba oils.  UMA produces their 100% organic oils at their family farm in India using Ayurvedic principles that have been passed down for generations. Check out their amazing story.

The oil is light and it absorbs quickly, so I don’t have to worry about getting oil on my clothes.  I never associated a scent with the term ‘sexy’ before I tried this oil, but that is what I think of every time I use it.  It is a rose scent, but it does not have the typical rose aroma.  Kind of a manly rose scent if that makes any sense at all.  The scent is faint, but it lasts all day.

I cannot, in all honesty, tell you that my body has stopped aging, it is not a miracle cure after all, but I will tell you that this oil smells amazing and makes my skin really soft.

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