The Mystik Eye by Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner

Just so you know, I am not a makeup artist, nor do I claim to be an expert at applying makeup.  I will never master a winged eye or perfectly contoured face.  Looking at the Kardashian girls makes me exhausted.  Who has time for all of that makeup?  Truth be told, I don’t even wear that much makeup on a daily basis.  I do, however, buy and try a lot of makeup products.  I consider myself a product “collector”, not a “junkie” as I have been called on more than one occasion.


So, this Jane Iredale Mystikol eyeliner

I owned the original Mystikol eyeliner. I recently threw it out.

I own the gel eyeliner.


The Mystikol pencil was terrible.  The tip was too fat and the product didn’t go on evenly.

The gel eyeliner is OK.  I purchased it when it first came out and the pots quickly dried out and became unusable.  Jane reformulated them and replaced mine for free.  They have great customer service, by the way.  I don’t find the new formulations that much better.  Of course they don’t dry out, but I can’t get them to go on evenly.  I have to apply it several times to get a solid line.  Remember that I told you I am not a makeup artist.

Well, now we have a Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner and it comes with the perfect applicator attached.  How convenient is that?  This eyeliner pot is called a powder, but it feels more like a gel.  But less waxy than the gel pots.  It glides on very easily and stays put.  It doesn’t skip and the brush makes it easy to make the line as thick or thin as you want it.  It makes it easy for a novice life me to perfectly apply eyeliner.


I purchased the Dark Topaz and I will definitly go back for either the amethyst or black.

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