Shimmery Body Oils

I have said before that I love a good body oil.  I love the feel of oil on my skin.  I usually opt for a scented oil, so I can change it up depending on my mood.  I have only found one natural perfume that I like so far, so I rely on my body oil to make me smell delicious. I have been enjoying using these shimmer body oils during the day to give me a little summer glow.

Why should you use a body oil instead of a body lotion?  Lotions are usually full of water, emulsifiers, and preservatives.  When you use an oil, right out of the shower or bath, you are providing the water and no preservatives or emulsifiers are needed.  The oil mixes with the water on your skin and creates a silky emulsion that you rub directly into your skin to lock in moisture.  It lasts longer and penetrates more deeply.

I have acquired quite a collection of shimmery body oils lately.  Shimmery body oils  contain mica, so not only do you get the moisturizing from the oil, you get some sparkle to add a radiant sheen to your skin.  I am not talking about a pre-school glitter fest, I am talking about  micro particles to give you a subtle shimmering effect.


With summer in full swing, it is a great way to give your skin a beautiful glow while wearing your favorite pair of shorts or sundress as well as giving the illusion of elongated legs.  A shimmery body oil will illuminate your skin!

Here are some of my current favorites…

May Lindstrom The Good Stuff


The name pretty much sums it up.  This golden oil is a mixture of cocoa, rose, lavender, and ylang ylang.  The scent is truly intoxicating.  It is a subtle scent that lingers, but only if you get close to the area it was applied.  It nourishes your skin with Macadamia Nut Oil, Olive Oil, Plum, Sunflower Seed, and Jojoba Oils.  It is a medium weight oil that absorbs well into my skin.  I find May Lindstrom’s products to be very sensual.  The mica in this oil is on the bigger side, so you will definitely notice the golden sparkle.  The only complaint I have about this oil is the price tag because I would love to bathe in it!  You can check it out here.

Mahalo The Vacation Glow


When I first purchased this I was thinking it would smell tropical.  When I think tropical, I think coconuts and suntan lotion.  This doesn’t smell anything like that.  It smells like hawaiian flowers with spicy undertones of sandalwood and frankincense.  It is a heavier scent that lingers, so if you are sensitive to that, it may not be the one for you.  It has a bold scent of jasmine, tuberose, and ylang ylang.  Whenever I use this oil, my kids always come into my bathroom and ask “what is that smell and can I have some?”  My husband always tells me I smell great when I wear it as well.  It contains Kukui, Tamanu, Sea Buckthorn, Macadamia, Argan, and Avocado Oils.  This oil is a heavy one that I really need to massage into my skin before getting dressed or it will stain my clothes.  Yes, I learned that the hard way!  It has a very subtle golden shimmer.  You can check it out here.

Skin Owl Body +


This oil is a little different in two ways.  It is unscented and the mica has a rose gold hue.  If you are sensitive to smells, this one is for you.  The color is beautiful and the oil is a lovely blend of Almond, Apricot, Jojoba, and Safflower Oils.  The blend is light enough that it absorbs easily into my skin.  I prefer a scented oil, so someday I am going to get around to adding some essential oils to this bottle.  My only complaint with this oil is that you really have to shake it up vigorously to disperse the  mica and the pump is faulty.  It leaks when I shake it and so I lose product each time.  You can check it out here.

Okoko Cosmétiques Trésor Perfume Body Oil


I received a sample of this when I made a purchase and it will officially be released in July.  This is a lightweight, dry oil.  It absorbs quickly into my skin.  I find my youngest daughter sneaking into my shower to get this one!  I don’t know what oils are in it because it didn’t come with a list of ingredients.  With my experience with Okoko Cosmétiques, I am sure it is made with a unique combination of only the finest ingredients.  The scent is clean and has a light floral aroma with a hint of baby powder freshness.  The color is gorgeous with very tiny shimmer particles.  I am looking forward to the official release of this beautiful oil.

Summer is the perfect time to get your glow on!  Do you have a favorite shimmery body oil?

If you have any thoughts or questions about these oils, let me know!

Happy Glowing!


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