Getting Your Lips Summer Ready with Henné Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator and Yüli Cellular Lip Conditioner

My primary skin concern is dehydrated skin.  Well, dehydrated and aging skin. Gravity is not my friend.  I never seem to drink enough water and living in a very hot and dry environment does not help.

I have tackled the dry skin quite successfully with some amazing product discoveries, but I still find myself with dry, flaky lips quite often.  I keep chapstick and lip moisturizers in my car, purse, bedside table, basically everywhere I can.  Regardless of how often I apply lip moisturizer, sometimes I just need a good lip exfoliation.  But, just because I need to do something doesn’t mean I do it.  Luckily, I have subscriptions to some beauty boxes that supply me with products that I didn’t know I was missing.

I received the Henné Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator in the February Art of Organics clean beauty box.  Roses and diamonds, what’s not to like?


I will be honest and tell you I had it for quite a while before I used it.  I put it in with all my other lip products and forgot about it.  One night I was going out to dinner with my husband and I wanted to wear red lipstick.  I don’t wear red lipstick (or dark lipstick) very often, but when I do, I know my lips need really good exfoliation and moisture prior to application.  After a little searching, I located the pretty little black jar of lip exfoliator and scrubbed away.


Henné Organics was founded by Laura Xiao with the philosophy of creating the essentials.  She has created a line of simple yet luxurious lip products that are organic and made in the USA.  When you open the jar, the scrub is a pretty pink color and it has a lovely rose scent.  The lip exfoliator is made with organic sugar, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba seed oil, organic lingonberry, organic shea butter, organic vanilla bean, vitamin E and rose oil.  Now, I will tell you that as much as I love the scent of rose, I don’t particularly love it on my lips or mouth area.  Luckily, Henné has recently come out with the same scrub in two new flavors, Nordic Berry and Lavender Mint.  I think the Nordic Berry sounds perfect for me.

After a good scrub, I was ready to apply my red lipstick and it went on very smoothly.  I am definitely getting better at exfoliating my lips on a regular basis to keep my lips smooth.

Another product I have fallen in love with is the Yüli Cellular Lip Conditioner.  I was in a cute little shop in Venice Beach that had some amazing green beauty products.  They carried many of my favorite brands, but I wanted to try something different.  I was familiar with Yüli, but I never used any of their products.  My current supply of skin care products is pretty high.  I have to stockpile before summer hits in Arizona because it isn’t safe to have products shipped in this heat.  I saw the Cellular Lip Conditioner and thought it would be perfect for me.  I have noticed that, as I age, I am acquiring lines around my lips.  It can be attributed to the many years of using water bottles with straws and I have been told that I  purse my lips when I am stressed or concentrating.


So as a warning to all you young ladies out there… switch to water bottles without  the flip straw tops or sports tops.  They will prevent future wrinkles in the mouth area!  Also, get some of the Yüli Lip Conditioner!

The Yüli Cellular Lip Conditioner is not chapstick or lip balm.  It is actually a hybrid dry oil and serum for your lips that has a very faint scent of vanilla and mint.  It comes in a small bottle with a roller ball top.  It is made with mostly organic ingredients that are all 100% food grade.   It feels very hydrating and absorbs quickly into my skin.  It not only supplies my lips and surrounding area with multivitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, and anti aging antioxidants, it has UV protection (avocado oil) against UVA and UVB!  This product has made a visible difference in the lines around my mouth.  Here is the full list of ingredients:

R. communis (castor) oil*, P. americana (avocado) oil*, S. indicum (sesame) seed oil*, R. rubiginosa (rosehip) seed oil*, C. sativa (camelina) oil*, C. papaya (papaya) seed oil, S. chinensis (jojoba) oil*, Supercritical CO2 Extract Blend (P. granatum (pomegranate) seed*, R. rubiginosa (rosehip) seed*, H. rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) seed and berry*, V. planifolia (vanilla)* and H. spicatum (ginger lily)^), M. piperita (peppermint) extract, tocopherol (vitamin E) non-GMO
^ Wildcrafted

Yüli was founded by a group of friends that wanted to fill a void in the beauty market.  Their goal was to supply customers that wanted clean luxury skincare with cutting-edge science that delivered results.  They create each of their products in a lab located next to the farms where they gather their plant material.  I don’t think it gets any fresher than that!

Combating dry lips is always a challenge, but with these two products in my arsenal I may just win this battle!  Kissable lips that are summer ready!


What are your favorite lip products?

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