Taming the Curls with Innersense

Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Products

My hair is naturally wavy.  That sounds like a great thing, right?  Well,  the reality is that it isn’t that pretty, perfect kind of wavy that looks like you just spent the day at the beach.  It is an uneven, wavy, curly, frizzy mess.  I blow dry my hair almost every day because  I don’t want to look like little orphan Annie.   Not that she isn’t super cute, but it is not a good look for me.  Arizona is super hot in the summer months and so the thought of having to spend 20-25 minutes with a hot blow dryer is quite depressing.  Finding a way to avoid it is a dream come true!  If you follow my blog, you know that I have serious issues with dirty hair, so skipping washings is not an option for me.  I pray for products to ease my hair care routine.  Did I mention that I have thick hair that retains water really well?  Blow drying is a long and exhausting process for me.


I discovered a time-saving miracle product that I have to share with you.  But first, the prequel to that. I received the Innersense Hydrating HairbathHydrating Cream  Conditioner and the Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner in one of my Beauty Hero boxes.  I really loved the set, but it was a little heavy for my hair.  I have normal hair, so I think this works better for those who have dry or damaged hair.   It is a really moisturizing set and that is not what my hair needs.  I love the smell, feel and texture of this product, so I wasn’t ready to give up on this brand.


I purchased the Pure Harmony Hairbath Shampoo and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner to see if they were a better fit for my hair.  The hairbath is made with natural plant extracts to clean my hair without stripping it of its natural moisture and shine.   It is made with Coconut and Palm Oils for a gentle cleanse.  It also has Pumpkin Seed, Orange Flower, Lotus Flower and Cranberry Seed Oils as well as Rooibos Tea for its amazing antioxidant properties.  The conditioner is lightweight, yet hydrating.  It turns out the Pure Harmony line is perfect for my hair type.  Innersense also makes a Color Awakening line for color treated hair.  They really do have all of your hair care needs covered!



So, are you still interested in the time-saving miracle product that has allowed me to skip the blow drying without sacrificing clean hair?  Well, it is the Quiet Calm Curl Control!  This product is definitely a game changer!  I can use it if I want to blow dry my hair straight or if …YAAASSS, I want to skip the hot, blow dryer and still not scare any small children!!  I put a dime size amount of this product in my wet hair and it makes the curls and waves look more even and completely frizz free.  I can spend a few minutes blow drying the front section (crown) of my hair because,  I failed to mention that I have multiple (yes multiple)  cowlicks.  But once that 1-2 minute process is done, I can leave the rest of my hair to dry naturally and I get a more even looking curl/wave with plenty of body and NO frizz.  On these hot days, it is truly a life saver!  This styling product uses organic Shea butter, rice bran oil and oat kernel extract to protect your curls or smooth your hair during a blow dry.  The orange flower oil and Frangipani extract (plumeria flower) calm and quiet your curls to give you the soft bounce you want without the frizz.  Many products that calm and manage curls make your hair stiff and crunchy as well as weighing it down.  The Quiet Calm Curl Control makes your hair soft, shiny and tames your curls without weighing them down.  I can use this if I want my hair straight or curly, and my hair is easy to manage, shiny, full of body and free of frizz.  You only need a small amount, so this bottle will last a long time!


Now I will share with you another game changing product from Innersense Organic Beauty, the Harmonic Healing Oil.  This product came as the side kick in the same Beauty Heroes box.  When I first got it, I used it in my daughter’s hair rather than my own hair. Oils tend to weigh my hair down, so I was hesitant to use it on myself.  My oldest daughter has very long, thick curly hair.  She is 14 years old and (knock on wood), unlike all of her friends, she doesn’t spend hours fixing, straightening and styling her hair.  She loves her curls and just washes and goes.  One of the my greatest successes…instilling confidence in my kids!  Yay me!  The first time I used it on her hair, she was rushing off to school and said her hair was too “poofy”.  She asked me to do something to tame it a little bit. Her hair just needed a little smoothing to tame the “poof”.  I grabbed the bottle of Harmonic Healing Oil,  put 1 pump in the palm of my hand, rubbed them together, then ran my hands through her hair and rushed her out the door.

The next morning she asked me to put more of that “magic oil” in her hair.  It took her curly hair, that is sometimes a little too “poofy” for her taste, and made it into more soft, even curls.  I also started adding a tiny bit of this to my hair on the days that I skip the blow dry.  I cannot tell you much of a time saver this has been for me!  Not to mention how great it is not to have to endure the long, hot blow dry every day!

This little bottle of magic oil is made with healing oils and flower essences.  It contains certified organic oils and is rich in vitamins, proteins and antioxidants.  It is ideal for hair, scalp and dry skin.  It is a multiuse product with amazing healing properties.  My daughter now uses both of my bottles of  Quiet Calm Curl Control and Harmonic Healing Oil.  Luckily, the bottles have plenty of product for both of us to share!

The line of Innersense Organic Hair Products has been hair changing for both my daughter and me.  Before the end of this post, I have to also mention that the line is the lowest price of any luxury, green beauty, hair care line that I have used.  I also have to call attention to their gorgeous packaging!  They make some styling products that I have not tried yet, but hope to use soon.

So whether your hair is straight or curly, colored or natural, Innersence Organic Beauty has a hair product that is bound to make all of your hair dreams come true!  These hair care products are on permanent rotation in our house!  If you try any of their many, fabulous products, let me know about your experience.  If you sign up for their newsletter, you get $20 off your first purchase.  Here is to taming the curl and no more BAD HAIR DAYS!

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