Pure Attraction with Magnetic Lashes

Love Light Cosmetics, Love Lash Magnetic False Eyelashes

I love false eyelashes! Big bold ones you see on celebrities walking down the red carpet or even on the Kardashians going to the gym.  They just make the eyes, which we know are the windows to the soul, POP!  The sad thing is, I cannot apply them to myself if my life depended on it.  Seriously.  I have even taken makeup classes to learn how to apply them.  They never seem to attach properly and stay put.  I always make a mess and end up losing half of my natural lashes in the process.  I have accepted that I am falsies-challenged.  Now, I am not the type to wear false eyelashes all the time.  I would just like to wear them for special occasions or date night with my husband.  Not too much to ask, right?

I had heard about magnetic lashes coming to the market for a while, but had not come across them until the holiday season.  I was perusing the Credo Beauty Store website and there they were….just calling to me!  The Love Light Cosmetic, Love Lashes!

DSC_0925 2


I purchased the single pair in Abundant.  In my usual fashion, upon arrival, I opened them up and attempted to apply them without reading any directions.  The excitement, you know? Big mistake.  After many failed attempts and much frustration, I decided to read the instructions, which happen to be printed right there on the box…duh!  Clearly they had people like me in mind when they decided to do that.  Thanks, Love Light Cosmetics!  Within a few seconds, I had applied false eyelashes AND I had done it correctly!


It was super easy, but the lashes looked a little weird.  I realized that they don’t curve as well as other false eyelashes, probably due to the placement and weight of the magnets.  Now, this may only be for the shape of my eyes.  I have rather small eyes, so it may work better for those of you with bigger eyes.  I am hoping that if I keep working with them, I can get them to bend more to my lash line.


For Christmas, my girlfriend gave me the Harmony set which contains 2 sets of lashes, the Abundant and the Zen. The Zen are a shorter set, more like a half lash, that works great on just the outer half of the eye.  These were perfect!  They literally take a few seconds to apply and VOILA!  Instant eye-opening drama!

So, here are a few tips that I had to figure out the hard way.  First of all, you have to use your fingers.  NO TWEEZERS.  The magnets attach to the metal and you cannot apply them.  Common sense, I know, but worth stating.  Also, curl your lashes prior to applying them because you won’t be able to once they are on.  The whole metal magnet thing again.  They come separated nicely in their beautiful white boxes that are magnetized.  I use my tweezers to pull them out and then my fingers to apply them.  There is a top and bottom lash for each eye.  The bottom lash has a white dot on the band so you can easily identify it.  I put on the top lash and line it up where I want it, then, as I am gently pushing it down into my lash line so it stays flush, I open really wide and place the bottom lash underneath my lash line as close as I can get it.  I close my eyes and you can feel the magnets connect.  It is that easy!  One and done!



Now to remove them, you have to grasp them with your thumb and your index finger and gently slide your fingers in opposite directions.  This allows the magnets to disengage and they separate.  It could not be easier!  There is no mess and I don’t lose any natural lashes from the traditional tugging or glue.  Genius!

You don’t see the magnets once they are attached and there isn’t a obvious band.  They lay right on your lashes and look very natural.  Plus, no glue mess or band that needs to be blended with eyeliner.


Now, I want to be clear about one thing.  I have used drug store eyelashes, but the most experience I have had with false eyelashes is with the Battington Lashes, usually  professionally applied at Citrine Beauty Store by one of their makeup artists during an event.  These are not the same product.  The Battington lashes are silk and most of their styles are 3D.  They are beautiful lashes that add glamour and drama.  I know some people wear false eyelashes frequently, but to me, these are special occasion lashes. If you are good at applying false eyelashes, I highly recommend them.  The Love Lashes are synthetic, so they don’t have quite the same look.  They do, however, have unprecedented ease of application that even a falsie-challenged person like myself can master in seconds!  They also look natural while adding fullness and length to your own lashes.  They are more of what I would consider an everyday lash, if you are the type to wear false eyelashes more frequently.  Who knows, I may just start wearing falsies everyday, even to workout!

If you want to check out the Love Lash false eyelashes, you can click here.

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