Getting My Vitamins with One Love Organics

I have  professed my love of the One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Polish.  If you missed it, you can check out my entire review here.   I just finished my first bottle of Vitamin B Enzyme Oil Cleanser + Makeup Remover and the love fest continues!  This oil cleanser is everything I want in a face cleanser and so much more.   Whether I am in a hurry and just want a quick makeup remover and face wash or I am having a self-care moment and indulging in a skin care ritual, this cleansing oil checks all the boxes for me.


Some days I just want to quickly remove my makeup and wash the grime of the day away and this is the product I grab.  This delicious cleanser contains a special Vitamin B complex that helps detoxify and tone my skin.  The fruit enzyme, papain, helps exfoliate and remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil that have accumulated throughout the day.  The pumpkin oil, which is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, helps keep my skin radiant while Vitamin E helps protect against environmental damage.

I have used many oil cleansers to remove makeup or as the first step in a double cleanse ritual.  For me, OLO has created the perfect product.  When I use a cleansing oil, I want it to remove my makeup completely and this does it for me.  Many oil cleansers just don’t rinse clean enough for me. This breaks up all the oils in my makeup and rinses completely clean.  I don’t end up with those raccoon eyes when I finish that require multiple swipes of a cloth to remove.   No tugging of the delicate eye area required!  It contains sunflower oil which helps my skin retain its moisture, so I am left with a super clean face that doesn’t feel dry or tight.

On those nights when I want a more involved skin care ritual, I like to clean my face with the Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil first.  Once all the makeup is removed, I can enjoy  the amazing oils and botanicals found in the many cleansers and cleansing balms I have so I can indulge in a double cleanse.  My skin is clean and ready to absorb my serums and face oils.

A few weeks ago, I had a hydrafacial.  A hydrafacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate your skin.  Afterward, my esthetician was so excited to show me the “dirty water canister” that held what was removed from my face.  After a little prodding, I agreed to look at it with her.  Did I really NEED to see it?  She was so excited to show me that I couldn’t refuse her.  She was so surprised at what she found.  She said the water is usually really dirty (black) and there are a lot of things floating in it.  Really disgusting right?  My water was not dirty and only had dead skin floating in it!  She said she had never seen water that clean before!  She couldn’t believe it.  I told her she hasn’t treated anyone who uses the most luxurious and effective green beauty products before!


If you have used any of the One Love Organics products, you know about that delicious pineapple scent.  It is a fun and enticing scent made of proprietary natural ingredients.  You can read about their certification on my previous body scrub post here.

So, if you are like me and want your skin to feel super clean AND well hydrated, try the One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleanser + Makeup Remover!

Do you have any favorite OLO products?  If you have tried any of them, please let me know your favorites!

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March Madness Part Deux

More Empties from the month of March.  I went through some products quickly and I am trying really hard to finish up some products that I abandoned for one reason or another.


Tata Harper Nourishing Cleansing Oil.  This is a product that I had abandoned, simply because I had acquired too many new, oil cleansers that I wanted to try.  I found it sitting on my stand looking very sad and lost.  I felt guilty as I began my nightly cleansing ritual and pumped some of this amazing oil into my hand.  I was reminded of the day I discovered this oil at Citrine Beauty.  It was a cold, December day and I took my mother and sister to the store to do a little shopping.  Do you think it is weird that I remember what day it was?   I was scheduled to have neck surgery the following day and they came in town to help me out.  My mom kept commenting on how great my skin looked for the rest of the day.  It has become a constant in her skincare routine as well.  See, I am not that weird!

Back to this wonderful oil.  When I discovered it, Melissa, the owner of Citrine was trying out some new makeup on me and my skin was pretty dry, as always.  She applied some of the cleansing oil as a moisturizer prior to applying foundation.  My skin was dewy and glowing.  It hadn’t felt that moisturized in, well, I don’t think, ever!  I walked out with a bottle and have since purchased many bottles of this oil.  Did I mention that it smells amazing?

This oil is made with Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive, Apricot and Jojoba oils. The natural beta carotene, omega 3’s, vitamins A, C and E nourish your skin.  It dissolves all makeup and dirt without stripping my skin of moisture.  I use it as a cleanser in the evening and it   rinses clean with water.  I have used it as part of a double cleanse followed by the Regenerating Cleanser.  I also apply it and leave it on my face after I have cleansed in the evening when I am feeling particularly dry.  It works well as a base for the Kjaer Weiss foundation to give me a dewy complexion.  This is definitely a product that I will repurchase.

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser.  Another great product from Tata Harper.  I purchased this after attending a class with Tata.  She talked about environmental pollutions and what they do to our skin.  Of course I immediately felt dirty and needed to purchase this cleanser.  This cleanser is made with broccoli extract and fruit enzymes to deeply clean your skin and remove any build up.   It has a cool, tingling feeling on your skin.  I love this cleanser, but I probably won’t buy it again anytime soon.  If I lived in or traveled often to a large city, or if I had oily skin, I would feel I needed this more often.  On the rare occasion when my skin feels particularly dirty, I will probably just use the Purifying Mask.

UMA Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil. I wrote an entire post about this amazing oil.  You can read the post here.  The label came off because I use it in the shower.  I will definitely repurchase it!

Osmia Sunset Body Oil.  It isn’t a secret that I love all things Osmia.  I received this as a gift for attending an Osmia event.  It has a strong vanilla scent with hints of jasmine and bergamot.  When I first smelled it, I wasn’t immediately in love.  I don’t think I expected ‘sunset’ to smell like vanilla, so it was a bit of a surprising scent.  After using it a few times, of course I fell in love.   Vanilla isn’t a scent that I associate with a Sunset, so once I let that go, I was able to truly appreciate the feel and scent of this oil.  It is a combination of so many luscious oils…coconut, jojoba, kukui, almond, rosehips, hemp, avocado, orange and evening primrose.  It makes my skin very soft and the scent lingers on for a long time.  I have a large assortment of Osmia Organics Body Oils and would repurchase each and every one…if I am ever able to use them all up!

*all osmial body oils have been renamed since this post.

Reverie MILK styling creme. This styling creme does wonders for my thick, wavy, sometimes frizzy hair.  It is the most expensive styling product I had ever purchased, but it has lasted a really long time.  You only need a very small amount.  I apply a pea side amount to my hair prior to blow drying.  It makes my hair soft, shiny and easier to blow dry straight…my style of choice. It never makes my hair feel heavy or oily. This is a unique product that was created by stylist Garrett Markenson and developed by a skin care chemist because he wanted it to be different from anything that was on the market.  It is skincare for your hair!  It is the best product I have used to style my hair to date. I will definitely repurchase, but need to finish up some new products that I just purchased to try out.

So, I am slowly making  progress using up some products.  I am working on finishing up a product before I purchase new ones, but I am a work in progress!  Carry on green beauties!

French Spa Experience at Home

Patyka Biokaliftin

Last night I was washing my face and thinking about a million different things.  I kept rubbing my cleanser…thinking, stressing…when suddenly I realized, wow…this cleanser is so creamy!  The more I rubbed, the creamier it became.  It felt so good on my face that I forgot about everything else.  How great is that? Continue reading “French Spa Experience at Home”