A Sublime Experience Courtesy of Okoko

Sublime Balm by Okoko Cosmetiques

Well they definitely named this correctly because sublime is what came to mind when I first used this after receiving it in my first Esthoria Beauty Box  (now Botanic and Terre).  It was actually a photo of this product that made me subscribe to the beauty box.  I mean, that color!


Okoko Cosmetiques is a new, indie Canadian skincare brand that was founded by Oyeta Kokoroko.  If you ever see a photo of her, you will say, I want HER skincare routine!  She is gorgeous and her skin looks, dare I say it…SUBLIME! Continue reading “A Sublime Experience Courtesy of Okoko”

DePuffed By an Owl – Skin Owl

Skin Owl Eye+

I have terrible allergies.  I am allergic to dogs and look who lives with me…


I also have a husband that snores and a 6-year-old who is an insomniac.

No photo of them.  They refused to be exploited for the purpose of this post.

My eyes are always puffy and I am always tired.  Some mornings I look at myself in the mirror and think, you cannot go anywhere looking this way.  The Walking Dead comes to mind.

Enter Skin Owls Eye +.  I consider this my little miracle in a jar. Continue reading “DePuffed By an Owl – Skin Owl”

French Spa Experience at Home

Patyka Biokaliftin

Last night I was washing my face and thinking about a million different things.  I kept rubbing my cleanser…thinking, stressing…when suddenly I realized, wow…this cleanser is so creamy!  The more I rubbed, the creamier it became.  It felt so good on my face that I forgot about everything else.  How great is that? Continue reading “French Spa Experience at Home”

Tata Harper, The Chanel of Skincare

img_2138Anyone who is passionate or knowledgeable about nontoxic skin care would probably agree that Tata Harper is the “Chanel” of nontoxic skin care.  She came on the scene in 2007 after her stepfather’s health crisis got her to focus on her own health and skincare practices.  When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she decided to create it herself.  If only I had that much ambition!

Continue reading “Tata Harper, The Chanel of Skincare”