A Sublime Experience Courtesy of Okoko

Sublime Balm by Okoko Cosmetiques

Well they definitely named this correctly because sublime is what came to mind when I first used this after receiving it in my first Esthoria Beauty Box  (now Botanic and Terre).  It was actually a photo of this product that made me subscribe to the beauty box.  I mean, that color!


Okoko Cosmetiques is a new, indie Canadian skincare brand that was founded by Oyeta Kokoroko.  If you ever see a photo of her, you will say, I want HER skincare routine!  She is gorgeous and her skin looks, dare I say it…SUBLIME! Continue reading “A Sublime Experience Courtesy of Okoko”

DePuffed By an Owl – Skin Owl

Skin Owl Eye+

I have terrible allergies.  I am allergic to dogs and look who lives with me…


I also have a husband that snores and a 6-year-old who is an insomniac.

No photo of them.  They refused to be exploited for the purpose of this post.

My eyes are always puffy and I am always tired.  Some mornings I look at myself in the mirror and think, you cannot go anywhere looking this way.  The Walking Dead comes to mind.

Enter Skin Owls Eye +.  I consider this my little miracle in a jar. Continue reading “DePuffed By an Owl – Skin Owl”

French Spa Experience at Home

Patyka Biokaliftin

Last night I was washing my face and thinking about a million different things.  I kept rubbing my cleanser…thinking, stressing…when suddenly I realized, wow…this cleanser is so creamy!  The more I rubbed, the creamier it became.  It felt so good on my face that I forgot about everything else.  How great is that? Continue reading “French Spa Experience at Home”